Keeping your products and processes secure and safe

In today’s era of the ‘Internet of Things’, 'smart devices, and ‘smart industry', pretty much everything is connected to the internet and/or local networks. We can expect a massive transition in which the control of equipment, vehicles, machines and installations happens directly via the cloud. Control Systems and processes could become out of control leading to high impact on people, the environment and industries. Cybersecurity will be of vital importance.

Developments and regulations
The European Union has identified critical infrastructures – which include energy grids and water, chemical and transport networks – as an area in need of regulation. Over the past years, the European Commission has adopted a number of measures to ward off cyber incidents. The directive on security of network and information systems (NIS directive), adopted by the European Parliament in July, is the first piece of EU-wide legislation on cybersecurity. The NIS directive comes into effect in August 2016 with a transition period of two years. Next to the new directive, there are already a general management guideline for information security (ISO 27001) and technical standards for the integration of industrial systems with communication networks (IEC 62443).

Keeping your products and processes secure
DEKRA believes in safety in every aspect of life and offers the knowledge to ensure safety and security related to products, systems and processes. Together with other organizations we are participating in IEC standardization committees to work on the development of standards. Our experts are constantly updating and extending their knowledge on cybersecurity in order to give you the best support. Their expertise will guide you in assessing, testing and certification according to cybersecurity regulations local and worldwide. Cybersecurity is a particularly complex organizational problem, which requires technical and process-oriented testing and certification programmes. We are the partner to talk to about the situation and needs of your organization – providing objective guidance from the very early steps in the process until after the finish line. Read more about our cybersecurity services.

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