Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Services

Our range of cybersecurity services includes threat analysis, risk assessment, vulnerability testing, robustness-conformity testing and penetration testing. They can be complemented by other functional safety testing or explosion safety testing services, all under one roof, thus saving you time and money.

Testing products, systems and processes
To protect yourself against cyber attacks and to control their impact, software security testing can be performed. It evaluates if devices tolerate unexpected input events and stressful environment conditions and reveal any vulnerabilities in the software. Security of the control system and the related processes is as important as the software components - no matter if it concerns a manufacturing site or a connected car. System security testing guards the security of industrial control systems (ICS). Therefore DEKRA offers services in the area of system management, diverse security assessments and cybersecurity awareness training. Our integral approach addresses products, systems and processes.

Assessing cybersecurity for the entire industrial sector

At DEKRA, we draw on more than 90 years of inspection, testing and certification experience to provide cyber security services to owners of industrial facilities in the energy, water, chemical and transport sectors as well as systems integrators and vendors of industrial equipment and components. Rather than focusing on IT systems, we perform a cyber security threat analysis and risk assessment for your industrial control systems (ICS). Our specialists then devise a plan for testing your products or systems based on the International Technical Commission’s IEC 62443 series of standards or other relevant standard documents, such as ISO 27001 for information security management systems (ISMS).

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