Automotive lighting testing

Homologation of automotive lighting and light signalling

Demonstrating the safety of motor vehicle lighting according to legal standards

The automotive lighting industry is extremely innovative and headlamps and signalling lamps have become increasingly complex. Advanced Front Lighting Systems (AFS), Adaptive Driving Beams (ADB), LEDs, matrix beams, and Pulse-Width Modulation are common and optional or standard on most motor vehicles. Your lighting and signalling products must meet the legal requirements for several markets. This includes headlamps, rear combination lamps, retroreflectors (or reflex reflectors), and their replaceable light sources. This also includes rear marking plates, contour marking for trucks, and tractors and trailers containing retroreflective and fluorescent materials. In addition, it includes red, yellow, and blue warning lamps and beacons and flash lights used on special and emergency vehicles. Depending on the market, the European UNECE, or American FMVSS108, Indian AIS, or Chinese GB standards are applicable. The DEKRA testing laboratories hold the required accreditations to demonstrate compliance with the standards of any market. 

For the UNECE market (over 40 countries in Europe and Japan), DEKRA is accredited by the Dutch Approval Authority (RDW) and various other European Approval Authorities. For the North-American market, DEKRA cooperates with American NHTSA-listed Calcoast-ITL (in California), which issues their compliance report on the basis of testing performed in the Dutch DEKRA laboratories. On a regular basis the Indian Authority (ARAI) witnesses tests, on the basis of which they issue certification for India. These tests correspond with UNECE tests. Without any discussion, our UNECE test reports are accepted by the Taiwanese Authority VSCC as well. For Taiwan, we can help you avoid double testing, guiding you in saving costs and minimizing risk. 

Plastic materials that transmit light, such as the outer lens, have to be coated to meet the requirements given in the UNECE headlamp regulations. This includes special testing such as weathering (UV), chemical-, heat-, and mechanical deterioration. Our test report is a passport for the UNECE, Indian, and Chinese market. Manufacturers of plastics such as Covestro (formerly Bayer), Sabic (formerly GE), and coating manufacturers like Momentive have often used our services for this.

On top of the legal standards your products must meet the OEM's (car manufacturer) requirements. These standards, part of the contract and originating from your client’s standardization and quality departments,  and based on EN, ISO and IEC standards, contain mechanical, environmental, reliability, performance, resistance, durability, chemical, and photometrical requirements. Our laboratories in Europe and Asia can take care of the complete testing. 

Our experts have many years of experience in compliance testing for well-known, reputable suppliers such as Hella, Valeo, Varroc, ZKW, Koito, and Stanley. DEKRA's experts are known for their detailed knowledge of the standards. For that, we participate actively in international working groups such as GTB, SAE, and GRE. Central in our customer service are short lead times, flexible planning, a good organization, and clear and decisive project management with transparent and fast client communication. We offer local support in India, China, Taiwan, and the USA. 

Compliance testing

Photometry, colour, heat tests, plastic material testing on headlamps and signalling lamps

Geometry, dimensions, luminous flux, UV and Red Content, spectral measurement on light   sources

Retroreflection photometry on retroreflectors and marking plates

Luminance measurements on registration plate lamps

Effective luminous intensities of light flashes on rotating or flashing warning    beacons

Photobiological safety and laser product safety


UNECE Regulations 4, 6, 7, 23, 38, 50, 77, 87, 91, and 119 for signalling lamps

UNECE Regulations 3, 27, 69, 70 and 104 for retroreflective devices

UNECE Regulations 19, 98, 112, 113 and 123 for headlamps

UNECE Regulations 37, 99, 128 for replaceable light sources

UNECE Regulation 65 for special warning lights (rotating or flashing beacons)

FMVSS108 for lighting-, signalling-, and marking materials – United States

CMVSS108 for lighting-, signalling-, and marking materials – Canada

AIS for ARAI in India

Vehicle Safety Standards for VSCC in Taiwan

GB Standards for China

IEC 62471 for photobiological safety

EN-IEC 60825-1 for safety of products emitting laser radiation



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