DEKRA for Cables & wiring

Cables & Wiring

Testing, Inspections, Auditing & Certification

Whether you supply ultra high-voltage, high-voltage, medium-voltage or low-voltage cables and accessories, at DEKRA we have the widest scope of standards (BS, EN, IEC), and test facilities and expertise needed to assess your products against international standards or client specifications. Our certificates open doors to international markets, such Middle East, Asia, Americas and Europe.

We are your access-to-markets partner, and can help you have the right certificates for the market you wish to export to. DEKRA is the leading testing and Certification Company for following cable tests: 

  • EN50525:2011 and BS-EN50525: cables with thermoplastic insulation and with cross-linked insulation
  • IEC 60502-1: power cables 0,6/ 1 kV
  • IEC 60227: PVC insulated cables
  • IEC 60245: rubber insulated cables
  • Low-voltage cables to British standards, such as: BS 5467, BS 6004 (soon to be updated), BS 6500 (to be updated), BS 7211 (to be updated), BS 7629, BS 7846, and many others
  • Fire tests, such as: IEC 60331, IEC 60332, EN 50200, EN 50265, EN 50266, EN 50362, BS 6387, BS 8434, and many others.
  • Gasses emitted by burning cables: IEC 60754-1, IEC 60754-2, EN 50267, BS 6425
  • Smoke density of burning cables: IEC 61034, BS-EN 61034

Product Certification

Inspection, testing and certification of electrical and electronic products and components

System Certification

Auditing & certification of quality, health/safety and environmental management systems

Training & Education

Approved personnel certification schemes as well as courses, seminars and workshops