CB certification

Certified electrical safety gives you access to global markets

More and more manufacturers need test reports which demonstrate that their electrical products comply with IEC standards. And they also want regional differences to be taken into account. CB certification issued by DEKRA meets these criteria, opening doors for your company worldwide.

IECEE has authorized DEKRA as a testing house to issue CB certificates, which give your electrical equipment and components access to the markets of the 45 countries affiliated with the IECEE. You can also claim the national certification marks from these countries without drastic retesting.

The CB certificate schedule is the only global system that mutually recognizes the test results of the affiliated testing agencies. If you indicate in advance which countries you export to, we’ll take deviations from the IEC Standard into account. The affiliated countries accept the test results, so you can avoid unnecessary retesting.

As we’re closely involved with the global harmonization of electrical safety standards, we can often provide you with first-hand information on new developments. Inspection of the production location will become part of the CB certification regime in the near future – another area in which we have considerable experience, especially in Asia. What’s more, a request for CB certification can also easily be combined with KEMA-KEUR, allowing one-time testing.

DEKRA Modular Test Programme
At DEKRA we provide both flexibility and efficiency in testing. You can select what tests you do in-house and which you contract out to us. Contact us to discuss what option is most attractive to your business or download our Modular Test Programme.

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