CCA (Cenelec Certification Agreement)

Cenelec Certification Agreement (CCA)

Ensuring pan-European mutual recognition of your test results

The national safety certification marks on your electrical products give you a marketing advantage in specific national markets in Europe, but pan-European certification makes life a lot easier. So it's worth exploring the potential of CCA certification.

At DEKRA we offer you the opportunity to combine KEMA-KEUR with a CCA certification so that affiliated European testing organizations will accept your test results. And, if you indicate in advance in which countries your product will be sold, you can have your products simultaneously tested for compliance with any national deviations from the standard.

The popularity of ENEC and KEYMARK certification is steadily increasing. But, as long as these marks are only valid for a limited number of products, CCA will continue to be valuable because it covers virtually all electrical equipment and components that are sold on the European markets. And, if you already have CCA certification, you can apply for KEMA-KEUR without retesting.

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