Cybersecurity Services

Cyber Security Services

To protect yourself against cyber attacks and to control their impact, you can perform software security testing. Software security testing evaluates if devices tolerate unexpected input events, stressful environment conditions, and if they reveal any vulnerabilities. Security of the control system and related processes is as important as the security of its components. Our cyber security assessment is complemented by functional safety assessment and testing to ensure no security incident causes harm to processes or people. Our cyber security services throughout the product life cycle include amongst others:

• Threat analyses
• Security risk assessments
• Security functional testing
• Performance/abuse testing
• Vulnerability testing
• Fuzz testing
• Communication robustness testing
• Penetration testing
• Reporting and certification

DEKRA draws on more than 90 years of experience in testing, inspection, and certification. We provide cyber security services to businesses in many markets, amongst which are the consumer market, the industrial market, healthcare, retail, and the ICT and carriers markets. Rather than focusing solely on IT systems, we perform cyber security threat analyses and risk assessments. Our specialists device specific plans to test your products and systems based on, for example, the internationally well recognized IEC 62443 series of standards.

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