DIN EN 15224

Certification to DIN EN 15224

Risk management and patient safety in the health service

Many hospitals, homes and practices rely these days on ISO 9001 quality management to boost their chance of success amid the increasing competition. Because transparent processes reduce error rates and help increase costefficiency.

The new DIN EN 15224 standard adapts these general requirements to the special circumstances which apply in the health service - and put the emphasis firmly on the quality of the care provided. This means that this standard is set to become a key selection criterion for patients, their relatives and the cost bearers.

Our expert health service auditors are well acquainted with the requirements of DIN EN 15224 and are qualified to undertake audits based on the present draft standard. This means that you can now integrate the new sector standard into your DEKRA certification procedures as a supplementaryISO 9001 audit. Take advantage of the benefits:

  • Early adaptation of your management system to the standard of the future
  • Better documentation of your care quality
  • Dedicated health service evaluation criteria and targets
  • Simple changeover, as it is based on ISO 9001 structure
  • Combinations with other management standards such as ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 are also possible

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