EMC testing by DEKRA

Certification of Electromagnetic Compatibility

Ensuring Interference-Free Operation with DEKRA

Devices with an electrical energy source must comply with the European Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) directive 2014/30/EU. They must neither interfere with the operation of other products nor be affected themselves by external interference. As a Competent Body under this directive, DEKRA can provide testing and certification. In fact, we’ve been officially designated to implement the complete conformity assessment of the EMC directive for access to the EU market. We’re also accredited to grant access to markets in other countries.

For example, former East Bloc countries such as Hungary prefer DEKRA EMC certification as do countries outside the EU such as South Africa and Australia. Our EMC lab is the largest in the Netherlands and our expertise is so comprehensive that government agencies and institutions tend to trust our conclusions implicitly.

EMC-E4 certification
EMC tests are also required for crucial automobile components such as airbags and ABS. But other electronics such as ornamental lights and in-car entertainment must also comply with the EMC criteria stipulated in the E/ECE/324, Addendum 9, regulation No. 10. At DEKRA we can determine whether your products conform to this directive and we’re also accredited for the certification of motor vehicle lighting such as headlights, taillights, rear fog lights, back-up lights as well as the light sources.

If your products meet EMC requirements, you will receive an E4 certificate. As the Dutch Road Transport Directorate (RDW) has approved DEKRA as a “technical department”, our results are readily adopted within their E4 certification. We can help you prepare for admission and certification via the RDW and, once RDW has issued an E4 certificate, your products can be freely marketed throughout the European Union. 

The US market
The US Federal Communication Commission (FCC) is hypercritical of equipment imported into the American market. As DEKRA is listed by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) as a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB), our EMC-FCC certificates will give you access to the US market for many product groups. Because the procedures differ from product to product, we can help you select the right test and handle many of the complex procedures involved. Note that our EMC tests can be combined with other tests such as those for KEMA-KEUR, the Low Voltage Directive (LVD), the Machine Directive, the Medical Directive, and the ATEX Directive. DEKRA reports have added value for your customers, government agencies, and are very useful when there are disputes. We can perform EMC tests on site, so large machines and installations are no problem. We work flexibly and always do our best to take your planning and processes into account.

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