Creating export opportunities by establishing electromagnetic compatibility

DEKRA offers certification for the US market

The EMC criteria – that electrical devices must not cause interference or be susceptible to interference from other equipment – also apply to the American market. In fact, the US Federal Communication Commission (FCC) requires all electrical products that are due to be imported into the US to meet the very highest standards of compatibility.

At DEKRA we’re authorised to conduct tests based on the official US criteria. As we’re listed by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) as a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB), our test results are accepted in America and our EMC-FCC certificates provide access to the US market for many types of products.

The procedures differ from product to product.Thanks to our detailed knowledge of the American EMC regulations, we can help you select the right test and assist you with the complex procedures that are often involved.

DEKRA reports have clear added value for your customers, for government agencies, and they are very useful in case of disputes. We can perform tests on site, so large machines and installations are no problem. We work flexibly and always do our best to take your planning and processes into account.

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