A single certification mark for the entire European Union

Until recently companies that produce, import or sell products such as luminaires or transformers had to obtain national certification marks for these products individually. This is both expensive and extremely time-consuming. Now it’s no longer necessary.

At DEKRA we can test your products for the ENEC certification mark, which is accepted throughout the European Union. What's more we can combine the test with KEMA-KEUR so that you can also benefit from its strong reputation worldwide.

ENEC not only gives you access to markets in the EU, but also to EFTA and increasingly to Eastern Europe. It gives you and your customers the assurance that an independent testing body has verified that your products comply with this vital standard.

We harmonize our testing plan with your development and production processes. We can test one product for you or an entire category of products simultaneously, saving considerable time and money.

DEKRA Modular Test Programme
At DEKRA we provide both flexibility and efficiency in testing. You can select what tests you do in-house and which you contract out to us. Contact us to discuss what option is most attractive to your business or download our Modular Test Programme.

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