Energy and Environmental management

Energy- and Environmental management

Ecological and economic benefits of certification

Environmental protection and economical use of resources in our society today are more than just decorative accessory of successful companies. Rising energy prices increase due to the scarcity of non-renewable sources of energy and environmental policies to increase significantly at the present time the pressure on companies to their energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions. The success of this investment rises and falls with the acceptance and support of management and employees of all departments.

You want to introduce an energy or environmental management system and save costs? Then we can help you:

Today environmentally conscious management is more important than ever. In many industries customers and authorities already require an effective, certified environmental management system.
Bioenergy can make a crucial contribution to combating climate change. At DEKRA we believe that sustainability is crucial. We should all take responsibility for securing sustainable production, trade and use of bioenergy. And you can start by making sure your activities comply with regulatory requirements.
As businesses become more environmentally aware and energy costs continue to rise, there's a need for a cost-effective way to demonstrate that you're committed to making effective use of energy.
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