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A shared responsibility, throughout the chain. A New Scientist* study revealed that the carbon footprint of a dog is larger than that of a SUV: a mediumsized dog apparently has roughly twice the impact on the environment of a Toyota Land Cruiser. Whether this is the case or not, it emphasises the challenges facing the food and feed industry nowadays. The industry has become the focus of attention for NGOs and governments as well as other stakeholders. Globalisation and more effi cient production techniques have enormous effects throughout the supply chain.

Whether you operate in local or international markets, if you want a successful and mutually profi table relationship with your customers, you need to ensure compliance with emerging national and international regulations.

This global food safety standard – established in response to the ongoing globalisation of the food industry – enables uniform certification for companies in the food and animal feed industry.
The International Food Standard (IFS) was created to protect food brands. The current standard (version 5) can be applied to all of the steps in the production of a food item, from the producer through to processing and packaging.
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for animal feeds is intended for use by the retail trade in relation to mixed feed products, animal feeds, premixtures and additives.
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