Government and DEKRA


Reliable services based on our broad international experience

We have excellent relationships with a range of government bodies at various levels, in many countries. Our service portfolio includes close cooperation with government departments, helping them to draft regulations and safety requirements.

This is where our wide international experience comes in, as it gives those who draft legislation convenient access to the lessons learned in other countries. We also assist government bodies with the certification and verification of safety levels of electrical installations which have been tendered for publicly.

As an accredited test laboratory and Certification Body, we have close links with National Certification Bodies (in the private and public sector) around the world. We have agreements for the mutual acceptance of certificates and test reports and for carrying out inspections on behalf of other bodies.

If you are concerned with product safety, you can verify KEMA-KEUR marks online on our website to check if they are still current.

We also provide risk management services in relation to the ISO 9000 series (quality management systems) and the ISO 14000 series (environmental management systems). These include certification and audits as well as supplier audits.