Geprüfte Sicherheit by DEKRA

Geprüfte Sicherheit (GS)

GS stands for German thoroughness

If you want to sell your products on the German market, or perhaps give them an air of German reliability, you need the right certification mark.

At DEKRA we can offer you GS certified safety and reliability. This certification mark, which is monitored by the German government, gives you a head start if you want to sell your products on the German market. And, if you combine KEMA-KEUR with GS, you can sell anywhere in Europe. This is probably the best way to show that maximum attention has been paid to product safety.

By providing your products with the GS certification mark, you’re demonstrating that the meticulous, trained eye of an independent testing house has approved them. And you can benefit from our excellent reputation when you let DEKRA do the GS testing.

We’re flexible and do our utmost to adapt to your operations. You also benefit from the fact that we’re always up to date on the latest developments thanks to our participation in CENELEC (EU and EFTA countries), IEC (worldwide), and in many standardization committees. We inspect and test your products annually, helping you to constantly improve your products.Combining KEMA-KEUR with GS creates a good, safe feeling, for you as a manufacturer, a wholesaler or retailer – and for the user.

DEKRA Modular Test Programme
At DEKRA we provide both flexibility and efficiency in testing. You can select what tests you do in-house and which you contract out to us. Contact us to discuss what option is most attractive to your business or download our Modular Test Programme

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