Hardware and software testing IEC 60730

Hardware and software testing to IEC 60730

Are your electronic devices safe? Let DEKRA make sure

Traditionally, electrical equipment has been protected against hazardous faults by simple electromechanical devices whose safe operation and reliability could easily be verified. Nowadays most modern devices depend on complex electronics, which contain embedded software for both operational effectiveness and safety. So, if only your products are tested it’s possible that potential failures of their safety features will be overlooked.

This is why we have IEC 60730 – the international standard for automatic electrical controls for household and similar use. These can either be stand-alone controls like a room thermostat or controls incorporated in household appliances such as Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment, power tools, luminaires and other domestic products.

IEC 60730, which was updated in 2010, requires manufacturers to design and produce automatic electronic controls in such a way that ensures safe and reliable operation. Such controls may take the form of electronic motor protection, electronic thermal cut-outs, process controls, electronic door locks or electronic motor speed protection.

At DEKRA we’ve invested a great deal of effort in expertise related to such safety-critical electronics and embedded software. We’re now able to offer you a full range of testing services, covering both conventional and state-of the-art software. So, why wait? Contact us. We’ll let you know which of your products need to meet the new standard. We can then help you optimise your product quality and safety, minimise your exposure to product liability claims and get the certifications you need to serve international markets. 

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At DEKRA we provide both flexibility and efficiency in testing. You can select what tests you do in-house and which you contract out to us. Contact us to discuss what option is most attractive to your business or download our Modular Test Programme

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