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DEKRA is qualified to test and certify inverters

Changes in regulations, especially those related to smart grids, create stringent requirements for manufacturers of grid-connected inverters for photovoltaic panels and wind turbines. The DEKRA Conformity Mark “Verified Inverter” demonstrates conclusively that inverters have been tested and approved by an independent organisation according to all the relevant standards and regulations.

The DEKRA seal can be used on the product, in technical leaflets and in brochures. The standards to which DEKRA can test inverters include:

  • IEC/EN 62109-1: 2010 (power conversion equipment for photovoltaic systems)
  • IEC 62116:2008 (anti-islanding performance of grid-connected inverters)
  • IEC 60529 and NEMA (protection provided by enclosures (IP or NEMA classification)
  • Salt spray test and ammonia resistance
  • The European EMC Directive.

DEKRA can also test to meet specific requirements in a range of other countries, for example:

  • The ENEL GUIDE for Italy (EX DK 5940 / DK 5740)
  • DEKRA is one of the few certification bodies who can provide a declaration of compliance to this Guide. DEKRA can also test inverter communication interfaces to IEC 61850 for use in Italy (and other countries), confirm compatibility and issue an Attestation of Conformity.
  • The guideline of the German Association of Utility Operators (BDEW). For inverters intended to be connected to medium and high-voltage distribution networks. Then there is VDE 0126-1-1, which defines requirements for the grid interface protection of grid-connected PV inverters, and VDE-AR-N 4105 – the new standard which covers network support functionality for generating capacity in low-voltage distribution networks (these are both mandatory in Germany).
  • To be eligible for Renewable Energy Credits in Australia inverters need to have SAA approval, which DEKRA can provide.

In short, DEKRA offers a complete range of services to help clients meet the challenge of certifying inverters for use around the globe. Contact our experts for more information.

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