Dust & water testing by DEKRA

Dust & water testing

Ensuring compliance with IP and NEMA

Many product standards – as well as an increasing number of retailers and importers – require a degree of dust and water tightness in electrical equipment and housings. The international standards are laid down in the IP classification, while NEMA classification is applicable to the North American market. At DEKRA we have facilities that are unique in Europe for testing equipment of all sizes.

We are therefore in a good position to test your products for compliance with the IP and NEMA. We have invested in a giant dust chamber (dimensions: 2.70 x 2.70 x 2.70 m) that can be used to test even the largest equipment. The test facility’s advanced technology enables us to circulate dust throughout the chamber and, if required, create either under or overpressure.

To test for water tightness we use a special chamber to expose your equipment to various degrees of moisture, ranging from a gentle spray to a powerful jet of water from a high-pressure fire hose. Finally, we inspect the equipment or housing to determine whether or not dust or water has penetrated. Products that pass these tests receive a certificate.

We are one of the few organisations in the world that can test your products for compliance with both the IP and NEMA classifications, creating a one-stop shop that will save you both time and money. In the product development phase we can also test parts supplied by third parties for dust and water tightness. We provide timely information about changes to the international IP EN/IEC 60529 standards and the North American NEMA TYPE 250, CSA C22.2 No. 94 and UL 50 specifications. We offer short delivery times, usually testing and returning your products within two weeks.
Our excellent reputation ensures that our test results are recognised all around the world. So why run the risk of rejection? Get your products tested now.

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