ISO 14001

Certification to ISO 14001

With DEKRA you send out a green signal

Today environmentally conscious management is more important than ever. In many industries customers and authorities already require an effective, certified environmental management system. And the general public increasingly expects companies and institutions to commit to the principle of sustainability.

With certification to the international standard ISO 14001 DEKRA offers you an ideal opportunity to provide evidence of this. This green symbol is visible evidence of your responsible handling of natural resources. More efficient consumption of energy and raw materials, waste minimisation and selective risk prevention – all this is part of environmental management to ISO 14001.

This commitment pays off not only as an image factor. More efficiency also means lower consumption and environmental costs. Your DEKRA certificate also simplifies dealings with authorities, such as the procurement of environmental permits to suit your individual situation.

The reason: our experienced environmental auditors consider the unique aspects of your process and organisational sequences right from the start. You thus remain flexible in the configuration of your environmental management system, also in conjunction with other standards such as ISO 9001 (Quality management) or OHSAS 18001 (Occupational safety).

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