ISO 9001

Certification to ISO 9001

With DEKRA – experts in certifying quality management

ISO 9001 is a process and system-orientated approach to quality management and continuous improvement. It enables all kinds of organisations to introduce a management system geared to their individual needs and circumstances.
Both manufacturing and service companies can benefit from combining separate operations into continuous processes. The challenge is to ensure consistent product quality while reducing costs. Our regular surveillance audits keep your people alert and ensure that your management system is up to standard. A quality system based on ISO 9001 both improves efficiency and reduces waste.

We are one of the most experienced certification organisations in Europe and we have an excellent global reputation. Our offices around the world are staffed by auditors who understand your business and speak your language. You can count on a harmonised international procedure. Our auditing schemes and reports in the USA do not differ from those in Europe or Asia – although we naturally take each local situation into account.

At DEKRA we aim to help you achieve greater efficiency at lower cost by reducing waste and eliminating non-productive activities. Our audits are flexible, efficient and transparent and we involve you at every step, discussing our findings as they emerge.

We also offer the option of combining the certification of ISO 9001 with, for instance, ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), ISO 50001 (Energy Management System) or OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety). As the house certifier for scores of reputable companies and institutions, we specialise in the energy sector.

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