IT security management

IT security management

A good reputation gives security

The information technology market is one of the most competitive in the world. With certifications and consistent process reliability you show your partners that you can rely on your services.

In order to play it safe at all times, five recognized standards give you orientation and put information security in your company on a solid footing.

With our international standards and services, you show your colors and show that you have everything in the green when it comes to information security.

Our services for your IT security:

The connection of IT systems over the internet brings with it significant risks – from viruses to sabotage and industrial espionage. Data security is therefore becoming an increasingly critical competitive factor. At DEKRA we offer a range of tailored services which confirm that sensitive information is secure within your organisation.
At DEKRA we offer a range of assessment services related to compliance with the new IT service management standard, ISO 20000. This standard is applicable to organisations of all sizes that provide IT service management services.