KEMA-KEUR panels

KEMA-KEUR for panels

Certification according to CENELEC

This measure relates to a type test involving a complete sequence of tests based on EN/IEC 61349 and carried out by DEKRA according to CENELEC procedures. The type test is complemented by requirements for assembly manufacturers (such as those relating to quality systems and assembly), also according to CENELEC procedures.

The quality process verification relates to the assembly manufacturer only, leaving the original panel system manufacturer and the end user out of the scope. The standards and procedures on which KEMA-KEUR for panels is based result in a variable scope of individual certificates: for example, with or without components. KEMA-KEUR is a serious step up from type test only, as it also includes annual inspections by DEKRA staff.

CENELEC certification is mainly relevant to European manufacturers, but at DEKRA we also make the highly respected KEMA-KEUR mark available for panels in other parts of the world.

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