KNX Testing

KNX Testing

Testing against a truly global standard for home and building automation

In a connected world, your product doesn't just have to work: it has to work together with everything else. Safe is a home that connects all your appliances securely, and DEKRA offers a complete testing solution for smart homes and buildings. In this context, the KNX standard - a truly global standard for home and building automation – plays a critical role, as it is the largest HBES certification system in the world, having issued more than 7000 certificates for its more than 400 member-companies.  

All KNX devices have to be tested by third party KNX accredited testing laboratories and achieve positive results before they can obtain a KNX certification. DEKRA is now accredited by the KNX Association, and we are ready to provide testing in interworking and functionality. DEKRA also performs cybersecurity assessment and testing against the IEC 62443.

In addition to KNX testing, we test products against other requirements, such as safety, EMC, RoHS, RF, and functional safety, according to the relevant standards. Moreover, if you aim at accessing international markets, our Export Support Service can help you adopt the smartest certification approach in order to ensure that your products are issued with marks in your target markets as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. You can count on us to ensure your products are safe and ready for the market.

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