LED Performance Mark

DEKRA LED Mark inspires confidence in LED lighting

Ensure the performance of your LED lighting products

LED lighting holds out a great deal of promise in terms of improved energy efficiency, life expectancy and exciting luminaire design opportunities. Unfortunately, these dreams can turn into nightmares when customers (whether luminaire manufacturers or end-users) discover that the promises are simply not fulfilled – there have been many problems with LED lighting suffering from a rapid fall in output and colour instability.

To enable manufacturers of high-quality LED lighting to support their product claims, DEKRA now introduces the LED Performance Mark. This quality mark covers both the performance (life expectancy and colour stability) and electrical safety (KEMA-KEUR) of tested products. The LED Performance Mark is based on DEKRA’s extensive experience in this area and is issued after extensive product testing (performance and safety) and factory audits.

DEKRA’s LED Mark provides manufacturers with an opportunity to demonstrate the quality of their products, and offers users the confidence that their LED lighting systems will deliver excellent performance and safety.

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