Transport and logistics

Transport, logistics & disposal

Creating conformity, opening up business opportunities

A unique commitment to safety, quality, health and sustainability. “May you see many horizons and sell all your rice!” This ancient Indian saying says a lot about how the world of transport and logistics has changed. Many countries have developed in recent decades, increasing both the demand for products and the need for effective distribution. This new situation also changes the way companies operate: if you enter new markets with new standards, there is always a risk you may lose your grip in terms of conformity. At the same time, it creates massive opportunities for companies whose products and operations are up to standard and are therefore ready for growth.

Whether you operate in local or international markets, if you want a successful and mutually profi table relationship with your customers, you need to ensure compliance with emerging national and international regulations. We aim to be your preferred partner in auditing, certifi cation and assessment services (process and supplier audits).