Manufacturing industry

Manufacturing industry

Testing, Inspections, Auditing & Certification

We help the manufacturing industry to ensure product safety, improve quality, comply with applicable local and international standards, reduce cost and time to market and minimize risks. DEKRA works with local manufacturers around the world to help you meet global standards, providing technical support, testing and certification services for a range of industries worldwide. We can contribute in an early stage of development, informing you in advance about (upcoming) regulations and standards. This avoids unpleasant surprises, delays and expensive adaptations at a later stage. Wherever possible, we combine the requirements and criteria of several national markets in a single certification process.

Product Certification

Inspection, testing and certification of electrical and electronic products and components

System Certification

Auditing & certification of quality, health/safety and environmental management systems

Training & Eduction

Approved personnel certification schemes as well as courses, seminars and workshops