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Inspections, Testing & Certification

At DEKRA we have a broad portfolio of independent, accredited testing and certification services for the Traffic and Mobility sector. You can use our reports to demonstrate the quality of your products to prospective customers and stakeholders. Find out what we can do for you! Our service portfolio covers four main areas:

DEKRA provides testing & certification services for traffic control systems, toll/road pricing and ITS. From basic safety and EMC testing to functional safety testing.
DEKRA provides an extensive range of testing services for ticket machines, barriers and other components of parking management systems. Our tests cover safety, EMC, and the ability to deal with environmental conditions.
With an increasing demand for electric-powered vehicles, you need to know for sure that your products will meet the required standards. DEKRA can assist you in testing, certification and training in the field of E-automotive. Read more
The rapid adoption of high-powered LEDs is associated with a range of safety issues. We have advanced photometric laboratories, which test parameters such as luminous flux, efficacy, intensity distribution, CRI and CCT.
This page describes just some of the wide range of safety products used in road and rail transport and by the emergency services, which we test to European and global standards, taking into account national deviations throughout the continent.