Performance testing

Performance testing

Ensuring safe products

Manufacturers must keep track of the safety of products. The cost of recalls and product returns – both financially and in terms of reputational damage – can be substantial. It’s important to know how safe your products are at the design stage, during production and also once they arrive on the shelves in stores. At DEKRA we offer a range of services, including inspections, safety testing, as well as life time performance testing and market surveillance.

Our tailored market surveillance service works as follows. DEKRA staff visit stores and buy products from a list supplied by the retailer. Samples, which could include anything from home kitchen and bathroom appliances to equipment used in restaurants, waterbed heaters, garden tools, and lawnmowers, are picked at random. These are then tested in the nearest DEKRA laboratory. We send a full test report to the retailer, who can use this information to improve internal processes and quality control as well as satisfy the requirements of the appropriate authorities.

If a product fails a test, you can use our results to request an improved sample from the manufacturer. Our engineers can then verify whether the problem has been resolved. The main benefits? Better quality products … and peace of mind.

Product testing & certification services
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