Product certification

Product certification

Access to worldwide markets via DEKRA

Product certification: sometimes obligatory, but possibly a distinguishing factor if adeptly employed. DEKRA can provide the safety certification marks you need for your market. Regardless of whether it pertains to end products or components, for the consumer market or the industrial market: DEKRA knows everything about electrical safety. We have extensive knowledge of national and international standards and specifications. 

Thanks to our participation in various international bodies, such as CENELEC and IEC, we know how best to interpret and deal with standards. Our testing experts regularly meet with colleagues from laboratories in Europe, North America and China to discuss such issues. We offer a wide variety of laboratory authorization schemes and manufacturer-based programs, all designed to help clients speed up their testing and reduce product compliance costs.

DEKRA's Export Support Services tool provides you with an up-to-date overview of all you need to know about compliance and market-entry data for over 30 countries across six continents. Let us guide you around the world.

Putting the KEMA-KEUR quality mark on your products demonstrates that your products and production location are under regular surveillance by DEKRA. Rather than just performing a one-time test, we continuously monitor conformity.
DEKRA tests your products for the ENEC certification mark: the alternative to national certification marks within the entire European Union. At the same time, we offer you KEMA-KEUR so that you can benefit from the ENEC European standard and the indisputably strong reputation of KEMA-KEUR in a single test.
GS is monitored by the German government and is in great demand when you want to sell products on the German market. And if you combine the well-known KEMA-KEUR with GS, then this is your key to any market anywhere in Europe.
Whether you intend to export from China or produce for the Chinese market, the two main hurdles are certificates and the language. DEKRA can guide you through 'certification land', with the ultimate aim of acquiring the crucial CCC certificate for your products.
DEKRA represents CSA International in Europe, so we can test your products to UL and CSA standards for North American markets. We can also combine the test with those required to obtain KEMA-KEUR or other certificates, saving you both time and money.