Refrigerator and freezer performance testing

Refrigerator and freezer performance testing

Cooling performance

The fact that energy is valuable and scarce nowadays is widely recognized. Electricity demand is increasing year by year. For example electricity used for domestic appliances in households shows a steep increase caused by higher standards of living and comfort, more appliances and so on.

As a response to the increasing demand for energy, governments have installed various measures. To increase consumer’s awareness liable and clear labeling of household appliances has been introduced. For some products such as refrigerators and freezers this labeling is mandatory.

DEKRA can support you with independent testing of energy consumption, storage temperature, storage volume, freezing capacity and rising time according to international standards:

  • European standard EN 153 / ISO 15502 and
  • Efficiency index determination
  • US standard ANSI/AHAM HRF-1-2004
  • Australian New Zealand standard AS/NZS4474
  • Japanese standard JIS C 9801

In order to supply our customers with the highest standards of technical knowledge in this field, DEKRA cooperates with Re/genT, an independent Dutch based test laboratory specialized in commercial and domestic refrigerator and freezer performance testing.

Re/genT has a large amount of experience with respect to performance tests on refrigeration systems such as domestic freezers/refrigerators or commercial ones such as appliances for storing ice cream or bottle coolers. On these appliances energy consumption tests and temperature performance tests are performed on a daily basis. Re/genT is a CECED (European Manufacturer Organization) recognized test laboratory.

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