Safety Culture Ladder

Working safely with the Safety Culture Ladder

A safe work environment is of vital importance. By working safely you are considerate of your employees and your chances in the market. Besides safeguarding the health and wellbeing of your employees, it can strengthen your position for tenders. When you can prove that you work safely, you will have benefits in some tenders. With certification through the Safety Culture Ladder you show that you work safe.

What is the Safety Culture Ladder?
With the Safety Culture Ladder you measure the safety awareness of your contractors, suppliers or your own employees. The goal of the ladder is improving safety awareness and motivating people to act more safe.

How does the Safety Culture Ladder work?

The ladder consists of five steps, organizations can climb from 1 (the lowest) till 5 (the highest). Organizations decide themselves how far they want to go. The safer a company works, the higher the position on the ladder. The higher the step on the ladder, the higher the benefits for tenders may be.

Benefits of the Safety Culture Ladde
• You promote working safely;
• You can proof that our are working safely;
• When you can proof that you work safely, you may have benefits in tenders.

Certification by DEKRA
The DEKRA experts have been working with the Safety Culture Ladder for years. Our specialists are active on the Dutch, German and other international markts. We perform audits and reference audits for partners such as TenneT and ProRail. To work efficiently you always have one point of contact within DEKRA, which helps you in easily manoeuvring trough this project. We also offer additional services, in some cases combining these can lead to saving time and costs.

Are you interested in learning more about Safety Culture? Please contact Eric Evers, you will find his contact details below. 

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Account Manager
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