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DEKRA supply chain services

Securing supply chains, reducing risks

Manufacturing companies are increasingly outsourcing their manufacturing, logistics, ICT, and even R&D to strategic partners across the globe. Further globalization of these complex supply chains is inevitable, but the fact that many do not currently monitor the work that is contracted out is of serious concern. To get maximum advantage from outsourcing, you need to constructively but critically assess the entire supply chain. At DEKRA we can help evaluate your suppliers and other potential partners around the globe.

Monitoring needs to take place at every link in the chain to help ensure that goods reach customers on schedule, meeting expected quality, quantity and conformity requirements. We make reliable, risk-based assessments of a supplier’s product designs, manufacturing processes, and delivery capabilities. We also identify the risks associated with partnering.

You may already be doing business with a particular supplier. If so, we can quantify the risks. Once our analysis is complete, you receive a report outlining bottlenecks and risks based on criteria that you define. We can also carry out regular performance reviews to ensure that quality is maintained, that deliveries are on time, and we can provide early warning of delivery problems and declining quality.

Sourcing services for retailers, wholesalers and importers
Above counts also for retailers, wholesalers and importers. Other services relevant for this group include construction checks (on-site), basic safety tests, inspection services, benchmarking, chemical testing (RoHS, REACH, Food Contact), market surveillance, Fitness for Use, ErP (lifetime cycles) and performance testing.

With decades of experience in product and system certification, we offer the following key benefits:

  • Operational teams of local inspectors who can be flexibly deployed
  • We work quickly and can offer you tailor-made contracts
  • We have offices around the globe close to the main production sites
  • Our experts speak your language and are familiar with local business cultures and customs.
Product testing & certification services
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