Demonstrating sustainable bioenergy

Demonstrating sustainable bioenergy

With DEKRA you send out a green signal

Bioenergy can make a crucial contribution to combating climate change. However it impacts a range of business areas, not just ‘environmental’ ones. At DEKRA we believe that sustainability is crucial. We should all take responsibility for securing sustainable production, trade and use of bioenergy. And you can start by making sure your activities comply with regulatory requirements.

Investors are beginning to realize that they can play a critical role by incorporating related risks in investment analysis and decision making. In many countries sustainably produced biofuels attract tax exemptions or other incentives, such as excise tax holidays or reductions when suppliers are certified (this applies in several EU member states).

Certification – with continual monitoring – is thus the best way to demonstrate corporate social responsibility in relation to climate change. It also helps you identify changes in regulations and stakeholder expectations at an early stage. Adaptation measures can then be implemented in the most cost-effective way.

If you are involved in this exciting new sector, now is the time to make sure your bioenergy-related activities are in line with national standards like e.g. double counting and international standards such as NTA 8080 and ISCC by identifying risks and certifying the sustainability of your operations. Why not get in touch to find out more?

Demonstrating sustainable bioenergy
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