Traffic and Mobility

Traffic & Mobility

Performance, Safety and EMC Testing, Inspection & Certification

Whether you are a supplier to the traffic and mobility industry or a governmental agency in a public-works or transport-related field, safety and efficiency are unquestionably your top priorities. DEKRA’s certifications offer public authorities the reassurance that any electrical goods or services they provide are safe and work correctly. Meanwhile, DEKRA’s independent testing services and quality marks enable manufacturers and suppliers to demonstrate their products’ reliability, thus helping them to create competitive advantage and achieve greater commercial success.

Traffic Management Systems

From basic safety and EMC testing to functional safety testing: DEKRA provides a wide range of testing & certification services for Traffic Management Systems.

Parking Management Systems

Our tests for (components of) Parking Management Systems cover safety, EMC, and the ability to deal with environmental conditions.

Electric Car Industry (e-automotive)

Complex electronics raise issues that require special expertise. DEKRA has extensive testing, auditing and certification experience in this sector.

Safety, Lighting & Infrastructure

We have advanced photometric laboratories, which test parameters such as luminous flux, efficacy, intensity distribution, CRI and CCT.

Certification Marks & Schemes

DEKRA introduces Europe's first independent testing and certification programme for charging stations

Benefits of DEKRA

We can help you reduce your compliance costs, cut time-to-market and more reasons why DEKRA is the perfect partner for your testing & certification needs.


We can support your operations, internationally & locally, reliably demonstrating safety & compliance.


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