Zhaga certification (interchangeability of LED lighting)

Zhaga: Specifications for Interchangeability of LED light engines

DEKRA and Zhaga: a powerful combination

Zhaga is an international industry-wide consortium for standardization of LED light engines which will enable interchangeability between products made by diverse manufacturers. As one of the first two Zhaga Test Centers and a regular member of Zhaga, DEKRA can help you get certified for Zhaga. 

Zhaga standardization will greatly accelerate the adoption of LED lighting, as end users and luminaire manufacturers will be able to replace or upgrade light engines without being tied to the original manufacturer. This is good for the professional users, as they no longer need to worry about the availability of replacement products, and for LED lighting manufacturers, as the market expands and becomes more transparent. LED Lighting manufacturers have the flexibility to source their light engines from any source they like without having to redesign their products. LED Light engine manufacturers will be able to attain and exploit economies of scale as they can develop and exploit standardized products.

As a regular member of Zhaga, DEKRA is closely involved in developing new standard specifications. We are also a Zhaga Test Centre. We have vast experience of testing LED lighting. Zhaga-based technology – combined with our full certification testing portfolio – puts us in a unique position to provide comprehensive testing and certification services for LED lighting.We can help you demonstrate the safety quality and interchangeability of your products so that you can put them on the market more quickly and at lower costs.

Our full range of testing and certification services to global standards, can help you access international markets more quickly, with less effort and at lower cost. Working with us means you can get your products certified to carry the Zhaga logo, the DEKRA LED Performance Mark and safety marks (e.g. ENEC, KEMA-KEUR) – all from a single provider.

For more information about Zhaga, please visit http://www.zhagastandard.org.

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